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From 928572663 <>
Subject Re: session based pojo as form variables
Date Sat, 20 Sep 2008 20:46:35 GMT
Dave Newton wrote:
> I'll consider writing up a summary of the various ways to accomplish what you're trying
to do and putting it on the wiki, although most of it will be an aggregation of info that's
already there.

Thank you

>> But I havent' seen anything in the framework yet on how to have a 
>> single form call different functions in the same action class based 
>> on which button was pushed. 
> That's what <s:submit...>'s "method" attribute does.

I removed the JavaScript and hidden var stuff and replaced it with this:

    <s:submit type="image" src="%{#next_button_url}" label="" 
cssClass="formButton" method="pageForward" />

but when I click on the image button the form is submitted (my Action's 
submit() function is called) but my Action's pageForward() function 
didn't get called.

The Tag Reference doc:

doesn't have much detail about what to expect:  "Set method attribute." 
  Is my pageForward() method supposed to conform to a certain signature?

Maybe this page can be updated to include this use case?


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