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From Alberto Flores <>
Subject Re: Struts versus Spring newbie question
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2008 17:17:45 GMT
I agree... One needs to know (or at least understand the basics)

Frank W. Zammetti wrote:
> Dave Newton wrote:
>>> ii) Is it really worth learning/using the Spring framework
>>> in a J2EE project (not matter if it is with Struts MVC or Spring MVC) 
>>> or is it better to create your own code to access the J2EE 
>>> technologies not covered by Struts?
>> Unless you have tens of thousands of available man-hours then Spring 
>> is worth learning. It does, however, depend on what your project's 
>> needs are. There are lighter-weight DI/IoC containers--if that's all 
>> you're using it for then perhaps it doesn't matter. It has several 
>> other aspects (pun!) though.
> Woah... I know a lot of people don't like J2EE these days, but does it 
> really take "tens of thousands of available man-hours" to "create your 
> own code to access the J2EE technologies not covered by Struts"?  I 
> mean, JDBC isn't *technically* covered by Struts, and last I checked it 
> doesn't take more than a few minutes (at MOST) to hack together JDBC 
> code... likewise, while I'm about a far from a fan of EJB as you can 
> get, is it really *that* bad?
> While I'm all for Spring, I don't think anyone should be scared to NOT 
> use it, but this sure makes it sound like I should be :)
>> Dave
> Frank


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