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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: JBoss 5 RC1 and Struts 2 : Simple validation error (URI scheme is not "file")
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 04:32:32 GMT
Bobby Mitch wrote:
> The Xwork issue is this one :
> They have not fixed it yet ...
> Can someone fix it with the changes described below on the method 
>  private static void parseValidators() { ...}
> of the class com.opensymphony.xwork2.validator.ValidatorFactory   ?
> And then recompiled the source and send me the newly compiled xwork-2.0.4.jar ?
> By the way, I saw that they turned it into an interface in the latest version :
> Thanks for your help.

Hi Bobby,

Musachy provided the link to the issue in the S2 issue tracker (WW-2653) 
which includes a comment that was committed to xwork in revision 1874 on 
9 June 08.

Which means if you work from a snapshot version of xwork it's fixed 
(which is a 2.1 stream though, which you don't want).
For 2.0.x, you could check out the latest 2.0.x tag yourself, apply the 
same minor change, build it into a jar and it'll be fixed for you.  Then 
you could contribute back the patch for everyone else.  That's how we 
all got involved in Struts2 and Xwork ourselves.

So you could have this all complete and closed yourself within an hour 
instead of waiting around for someone to volunteer to do it for you...

 Jeromy Evans

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