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From ManiKanta G <>
Subject Re: [S2] Ajax error
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 12:08:29 GMT
Thanks Dave.

Yes, from action class I m returning entire jsp page.

Action class:

    public class TimeServer extends ActionSupport {
        private Date date = null;
        public String execute() throws InterruptedException  {
            System.out.println("Request received...");
            date = new Date();
            return SUCCESS;

        public Date getDate() {
            return date;

    <package name="ajaxdemo" extends="struts-default">
    <action name="TimePage" >
        <action name="Time" 

initially I m requesting TimePage.action.

 >> I'd guess that its result is returning an entire page, rather than 
an HTML fragment, which is what you'd probably want.
How can I return HTML fragment? you mean another jsp page which contains 
only that html fragment? If it is the case I may have to create many 
small jsps, which may in the order of 100s. Or you talking about some 
thing else?

And is there any way to substitute the <s:submit...> with <s:a..>. I've 
tried with this, but only submit is making request to action.

Thanks for resource links.

ManiKanta G

Dave Newton wrote:
> --- On Wed, 9/10/08, ManiKanta G wrote:
>>     ...
>>     <head>
>>         <s:head theme="ajax"/>
>>     </head>
>>     <body>
>>         Current time from server
>>         <s:div cssStyle="border: 1px solid red;"
>>                theme="ajax" id="timeDiv">
>>             <s:date name="date"/>
>>         </s:div>
>>         <br>
>>         <s:form action="Time">
>>             <s:submit theme="ajax" targets="timeDiv" 
>>                       notifyTopics="time"/>
>>         </s:form>
>>     </body>
>>     ......
>> It is getting time from server asynchronously, but the
>> <s:div ...> is 
>> displaying the whole page again inside it.
>> What am I doing wrong?
> Hard to say, since you don't provide any information about the "Time" action used by
your <s:form...> tag. I'd guess that its result is returning an entire page, rather
than an HTML fragment, which is what you'd probably want.
>> Can some one tell or direct me to some good example about ajax 
>> usage in S2, when to and how to use listenTopic/notifyTopics.
> You use listen topics when you want something (component, JavaScript, etc.) to pay attention
to published events, and notify topics when you want to publish an event.
> Your example above could be reduced to (more or less; I have no way to test at the moment):
> <s:div id="timeDiv" href="%{#url}"></s:div>
> <s:form action="Time">
>   <s:submit theme="ajax" targets="timeDiv"/>
> </s:form>
> Where #url is the URL of an action that returns the current date, probably the same as
the form action.
> As for documentation:
> S2.1:
> S2.0:
> Dave
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