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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: REST plug-in & Tiles
Date Sun, 07 Sep 2008 00:34:13 GMT wrote:
> I don't understand how the codebehind or convention plug-in could provide
> the inheritance and layout functionality of tiles.  Moreover, we use
> conventions to tag CSS to tile definitions.  Can you elaborate please?

Maybe I misinterpreted your intent.

Codebehind/Convnetion is responsible for selecting a result.
 it'll first check if there's an explicit result (@Result);
 then search for a JSP matching the convention (eg. order-show.jsp or 
 then search for a FTL and or VM file matching the convention.

The Tiles plugin could augment this process, so if none of the above are 
 search for a Tile with a name matching ("", or whatever).

So it wouldn't replace Tiles; it would just allow for the selection of 
Tiles based on a similar convention.
Similarly, the UnknownHandler could attempt match a Tile if no action, 
jsp, ftl or vm file is found.

I never looked further into it than that, but I expect the Tiles plugin 
could detect the presence of a convention plugin and augment its 
behaviour.  We're not supposed to introduce dependencies between plugins 

None of this affects using tiles within pages. I've just been phasing 
out the use of TilesResult to use result-by-convention selection so I 
didn't have to write the above code.  My main purpose for using 
TilesResult (that is, to override the tiles at runtime) hasn't come up 
on a REST application yet.

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