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From Lyallex <>
Subject [S2] <s:select> and Integer lists
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 11:55:07 GMT

I have a form

It requires the user select year and month of birth

I have a little class Month that has getters and setters for monthNo
and monthName

This works perfectly when the months list is exposed to the ValueStack
in the action ( List<Month> months ...)

<s:select label="Month of birth" name="mob" list="months"
listKey="monthNo" listValue="monthName" required="true"/>

I also have a List of Integers, it's a configurable list loaded on the
fly so it's not fixed

it's exposed to the ValueStack in the action (List<Integer> years ...)
and I know it's populated and I want to do this

<s:select label="Year of birth" name="yob" list="years"
listKey="intValue" listValue="intValue" required="true"/>

but of course it doesn't work, I've tried all sorts of things without
luck (there is no 'getValue' or 'getIntValue' on Integer)
I'm thinking I may have to wrap the Integer to get this to work ...

is there a way to do this ???

many TIAs


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