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From UseTheFork <>
Subject Re: Action and ActionForm newbie questions
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2008 20:52:00 GMT

Hi Laurie and Dave, 

I am reading contradictory information from different sources on the
Internet and I am getting confused. 

i) Assuming that I am writing a JSP page to register a new user using a
form: I should implement an ActionForm to retrieve the data entered by the
user, correct? I should also implement an Action to manage such
registration, correct?

ii) I can use Hibernate to have a new user created and saved automatically
in the database. Where I am not clear is whether I should directly invoke my
user bean in the Action and let Hibernate handle persistence or whether I
should implement an EBJ and have the Action delegate the job? Some sources
indicate that I should implement EBJ to perform such tasks. What is the
proper way?

iii) Dave, I don't understand your comment, can you elaborate? What am I
missing about Struts 2?


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