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From "Peter Butler" <>
Subject RE: Unit testing Struts 2 systems in multiple projects
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2008 14:14:17 GMT
>> The war project contains all web resources, jsps, etc. 
>> The core project contains all of our struts actions, 
>> service layer and data access layer.

> IMO that's broken--the S2 actions should be part of the web
> project because... that's what S2 is--the web layer. That
> solves your problem and (to me, anyway) seems a more logical approach.

Ordinarily I would agree with you, but we have a constraint that I
forgot to mention: our actions have to be usable in more than one web
project. The system we are building is deployed to more than one
customer. We customise the web project by overlaying customer-specific
files in separate projects.

I was thinking that another approach to this might be to keep all
actions in the core project, along with the struts.xml file, then
package these into a jar file. This page:

says that this is possible, but doesn't give any details. Does anyone
have any more details on getting this to work?



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