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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: S2: Unable to undeploy app in Tomcat
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 06:37:08 GMT
Paul Benedict wrote:
> I can't see how this could be a Tomcat or Windows problem. With Struts
> 2.1.2 and setting antiJARLocking="true", I was able to undeploy.
> However, the necessity of the option tells me Struts (or XWork) is
> leaky somewhere and is not properly cleaning up its house. When
> running under Windows, files are only locked when they are open, and
> if Tomcat can't GC due to uncollectable references, then it's proof
> there's a leak.
> I don't think this problem should be ignored.

I agree, but it hasn't deserved the same priority as the numerous other 
S2 + Xwork problems because there's a reasonable work-around.  If you 
can isolate it that would be great!

For me, the inability to release PermGen space (consumed by cglib 
others) overrules the need to re-deploy quickly because that kills 
Tomcat on any platform faster than an open file or unallocated resource 
consumed by S2.

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