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From "Haulyn R. Jason" <>
Subject Re: Authentication way: Should I interceptor <s:url> or <s:a> before it render?
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 13:26:57 GMT
Jeromy Evans :
> Haulyn R. Jason wrote:
>> Hi,all
>> I have an Authentication problem. I use Interceptor to authenticate
>> actions and methods, based on different member and different role.
>> Everything works well.But my client can not access some resource, for
>> example a url, so they should not see the url. I think maybe I can
>> re-write <s:a> tag or using an Interceptor to check should a <s:a />tag
>> be rendered to the clients. I can not find any reference.
>> Without this way, does struts2 have it's own way to solve the problem?
>> Thanks!
> None of the struts 2 tags are aware of role. In my opinion, it's better
> to leave that consideration out of these tags as you don't want security
> checks scattered through all the tag variations.
> Instead customize the view using tags that render its body only if the
> user has the specified role(s).
> Either:
> - use tags from an existing library (Tiles tags can check role I think); or
> - create a custom tag that only renders the body if the principal has
> the specified role(s)
> eg.
> <security:guard role="admin">
> <s:a href="adminpage"/>
> </security:guard>
> Otherwise every tag needs to be modified and that leads to mistakes.
> *More importantly* secure the server-side first and foremost. Consider
> customization of the view based on role only as a way to improve the
> user's experience as it doesn't actually help secure your application.
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I use Interceptor to protect my application with AOP, maybe create a
custom tag is the best choice for me. Create a role and check it.
And, where should I find something about how to create a custom tag for
struts2? I think I need to create a custom tag for struts2 because I
need to access the value stack. I can not find reference from google,
and when I read the source of IfTag, It's not easy to understand the
life cycle.



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