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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: Can't obtain object in POJO using AJAX and problem with validation
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2008 10:59:18 GMT
Hi Francisco,

Issue number 2 takes precedence over Issue number 1 as if there's no 
user info available, then validation fails, errors appear on every field 
and the fields are empty.

Which implies the properties are not being set on your action (you can 
verify that).
Which implies Dojo is not submitting the form values
Which implies either:
  - the submit isn't contained in the form and needs a FormId; or
  - you're only testing in IE and you've encountered a Dojo bug that 
occurs if the target (divConenedor) contains the form that's being 
posted.  The problem in this case, is that the Loading... text 
overwrites the form prior to it's values being read.  If so, set the 
showLoadingText="false" attribute on the submit button and this problem 
is resolved. (you can verify this is the problem by testing in Firefox 
before making the change)

Hope that helps,
Jeromy Evans

Francisco Exposito Aguilera wrote:
> Hi,
> I define in my menu.jsp page two <s:div>. On the left the menu which always appears.
On the right, the part which is updated after every action.
> Then I have another jsp with a form, the xml validation file and the POJO.
> The action definition is:
>  <action name="CrearUsuarioAction" method="crearUsuario" class="ads.web.action.UsuarioAction">
>                 <result name="input">/src/jsp/crear/usuarioCrear.jsp</result>
>                 <result name="error">/src/jsp/crear/usuarioCrear.jsp</result>
>                 <result name="success">/src/jsp/buscar/usuarioDatos.jsp</result>
>             </action>
> My <s:submit> definition is:
> <s:submit theme="ajax" href="%{crearUsuario}" targets="divContenedor" value="Crear"></s:submit>,
> where the target divContenedor is defined in the menu.jsp
> 1) First issue: validation issue
> When I click on submit and something in the form is incorrect, all validation errors
are shown and all fields are emptied, when only the incorrect parts should be shown.
> 2) Second issue (If I remove the validation file in order to test the action)
> Then I don't obtain the user info.
> Both issues "works fine" if I delete in the submit the targets attribute.
> <s:submit theme="ajax" href="%{crearUsuario}" value="Crear"></s:submit>,
> But then a new page is opened and the menu doesn't appear.
> Any help, please? Ask me for code if necessary.
> Thanks in advace.
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