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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: Implementing ParameterAware but still getting Unexpected Exception caught setting 'name' on 'class....
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2008 05:33:30 GMT
Jan Froehlich wrote:
> Hi there...
> I have a page with a dynamic number of input fields that is submited to
> an action that implements ParameterAware.
> Cause the names of the parameters passed to that action change every now
> and then I can't write getters and setters for them.
> Thats what I thought ParameterAware is made for.

ParameterAware is just a low-level mechanism for getting access to the 
raw request parameters. If you want to apply conversion or validation to 
your request data, or have it injected into your actions or model 
objects, it's probably not what you need.

What do you mean that the parameters passed to the action 'change every 
now and then'? At random?!? If you just mean that there are a variable 
number of them, no problem; that's what List- and array-backed 
properties are for.

> But even then I get those "Unexpected Exception caught setting.....".
> Is there a way to tell s2 that it should stop doing it?
> Well, ok - not the most clever question, but I just want to get rid of
> those Exceptions!

Not sure I understand what you want. Do you just want to suppress the 
exception report in the logs, or does the exception represent an actual 
problem you need to fix? If the latter, you'll need to provide more details.


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