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From Andreas Mähler <>
Subject Re: [S2] Recipe for Action and View
Date Sat, 12 Jul 2008 23:40:53 GMT
Hi !

Gabriel Belingueres schrieb:
> The problem you want to solve is very common (skipping form validation
> the first time you call an action)

Aah - I thought so - that's why I was asking for a recipe.

> and, as Dave wrote, it is commonly
> solved by invoking the action with the input() method [1]. This method
> will do nothing and will return INPUT as the result, thus forwarding
> the response to the page with the form.

You guys are right - that is a better solution.
Sorry Dave - I did not get it at first, but that's the thing I was 
looking for :-)

BTW: I can't rely on distinguishing between GET and POST, as I use GET 
also in forms when it doesn't change the state on the server (e.g. a 
simple search form). I'm sometimes annoyed by webapps that use POST for 
all forms, because then my browser comes up with this "Are you sure?" 
message whenever I want to refresh the result page.

Thanx alot!

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