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From "Ajaneesh Rajashekharaiah" <>
Subject Type Casting through OGNL expressions.
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2008 15:20:44 GMT

I want to do the following, would like to understand if it is possible
at all before proceeding any further.
basically i am working on generating dynamic screens based on Apache
XmlBeans generated classes.  
While the following is not exactly what i am doing, it will help drive
the idea home... 
i have a number of XSD files for which i generate XmlBeans binding
files.  All these classes are basically of type XmlObject.
Understandably, each class would have diffferent setters and getters
based on the XSD.  In my action class, i want to declare a property with
just the underlying interface (i.e.  XmlObject).  I am in a position to
generate the dynamic screen based on the XML schema... but how do i
populate those back to my XmlObject property?
for e.g.  Action class has 
XmlObject xmlObject;
public XmlObject getXmlObject() {
 // snip...
public void setXmlObject(XmlObject xmlObject) {
 // snip...
Suppose i am dealing with a XML with a structure such as 
Let us assume my schema based XmlObject classes will have the same names
as node names.  So TopLevel *is a* XmlObject.
I want to set values from a HTML form using a OGNL expression....
Obviously, OGNL runtime cannot find setSecondLevel() on xmlObject unless
it has a way of casting it to *TopLevel*
I have been researching a solution to this problem for a long time.,, I
found something on TypeConvertors, havent tried it yet and honestly not
able to tell if it is a solution to my problem :-)  
Can someone help me with this?  Am i asking for too much or is this
actually possible??  If it *is* possible, will it execute with
reasonable performance?
Any response will be greatly appreciated so that i can atleast take an
alternative approach immediately.





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