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From Piotr Dzeviarylin <>
Subject Re[4]: autocompleter bug in forefox3 but not in ie6
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 13:33:25 GMT
I've already check the generated code in firebug. Yes, hidden fields
are in place. Here is html code:
<select dojoType="struts:ComboBox" id="synnzn" name="name" keyName="nameKey" initialValue="grape"
visibleDownArrow="true" onblur="validate(this);" >
    <option value="apple">apple</option>
    <option value="banana">banana</option>
    <option value="grape" selected="selected">grape</option>
    <option value="pear">pear</option>
And this is code form firebug:
<span class="dojoComboBoxOuter dj_gecko" _="whitespace and CR's between tags adds   in
FF" style="">
 <input dojoattachpoint="comboBoxValue" value="" name="name" tabindex="-1" style="display:
 <input dojoattachpoint="comboBoxSelectionValue" value="" name="nameKey" tabindex="-1"
style="display: none;"/>
 <input class="dojoComboBox" type="text" dojoattachpoint="textInputNode" dojoattachevent="key:_handleKeyEvents;
keyUp: onKeyUp; compositionEnd; onResize;" autocomplete="off" style=""/>
 <img class="dojoComboBox" hspace="0" vspace="0" src="/translator/struts/dojo/src/widget/templates/images/combo_box_arrow.png"
dojoattachevent="onMouseUp: handleArrowClick; onResize;" dojoattachpoint="downArrowNode" style="width:
14px; height: 14px;"/>
 <span class="dojoComboBoxOptions" style="display: none; position: absolute;"/>

As you can see everything seems good.

> Opera does not work with dojo, by the way try in safari can u see what
> is the generated code, I am using dojo 1, so had re written almost all
> the ftl's. Dojo uses a hidden field where we store the data. Check if it
> has given the proper name in generated code. 

> Regards,

> Jishnu Viswanath

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