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From "Frans Thamura" <>
Subject Fwd: struts2 bis prospectus
Date Sun, 20 Jul 2008 14:34:23 GMT
hi there

we haave a struts2 project, name cimande
(, and under umbrealla

now we launch the for marketplace for anyone that
develop apps on cimande.

we have 14 project that run on cimande, so we see that S2 will be our
core action framework


i am feeling that JSF marketing guy is very agresif, even we know the
JSF is slow and have performance issue, but Struts team is not
publicate well in the market

can help?

NB: the project on cimande will be develop nationaly by our students
in our country, because cimande, struts2, spring, is our core java
curicullum (

do i do a bad direction put stuts2 as education curricullum?

my opinion, Struts2 is easier for us to devleop apps, JSF is more
memory and more complex, and of course in ego level, i have a product
on struts2, need a publication ..

Frans Thamura
Meruvian Foundation

Mobile: +62 855 7888 699
Skype: fthamura

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