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From Eric D Nielsen <niels...@MIT.EDU>
Subject S2: s:include tag and s:param
Date Sun, 27 Jul 2008 19:49:32 GMT
I've been having trouble getting s:include and s:param to work.

I have a snippet I want to include in multiple pages.  This snippet will want to
make use of Struts 2 tags and OGNL, though at present I just need a simple

The snippet looks like:
<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>
<div class="primaryBox">
  <h1>Competition Information</h1>
  <c:out value="${}" />
------------- END --------------

I'm currently using it with:
    <s:include value="/WEB-INF/components/competitions/identity-readonly.jsp">
	  <s:param name="comp" value="competition" />
------------ END -------------

The c:out isn't printing anything.

I've tried using ${} notation in the param value; that doesn't lead any
different behavoir for me.

If I reference in the snippet and skip the s:param, everything
works on this page (because the action exposes the competition property. 
However other pages that include it will not expose it directly (but I can
navigate to it from properties that are exposed).

What am I missing?


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