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From "Sury Balasubramanian" <>
Subject Websphere 6.1 and Struts 1.3
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2008 17:30:58 GMT
Hello all,
I am having an issue with a webapp developed on struts 1.3 on Websphere
6.1.07 (running on AIX). The webapp when compiled, tested and run on Windows
(websphere 6.1.015) works fine. The problem is as follows. The application
installs properly. If i login and directly access a JSP i don't have an
issue at all. If I use a url
http://<server>:<port>/sp/  (struts url). Users get the following

"Error 404: Parsing error processing resource path

The following files are attached:

trace on websphere when the struts request is sent

The following were already checked:
struts.xml is referred to with a leading slash /WEB-INF/struts.xml in the
web.xml as prescried by IBM.
the server property of leading slash is also set to make sure we read the
leading slash.

Is this a good place to post this or on the websphere forum? Is there
something missing on the config.xml that websphere specifically validates?



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