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From "David Ogasawara" <>
Subject [S2] Pre-populating Checkboxes
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 21:40:33 GMT

I'm new to Struts 2 and I was wondering how to pre-populate checkboxes
with values from a database (or even hard-coded values).  I am iterating
through an arraylist of hashmaps (description, type_cd) to create the
checkboxes in the form.  I then create a string array with the values
from a database to pre-populate, but it's not working.  

* When the checkboxes are checked and the form is submitted, I am able
to capture the values (String array) properly.

<s:iterator value="all_type_codes">
	<s:checkbox name="type_cd" fieldValue="%{type_cd}"/>
	<s:property value="description"/>

Action Page:
public String[] getType_cd() {
    return type_cd;
public void setType_cd(String[] type_cd) {
    this.type_cd = type_cd;

// this is a test
type_cd = new String[3];
type_cd[0] = "EQ";
type_cd[1] = "SF";
type_cd[2] = "SS";

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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