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From "Lalchandra Rampersaud" <>
Subject Re: Display tag and AJAX
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2008 02:48:14 GMT
yes, you can update a display table alone with an ajax call. 

this is one done with ajaxanywhere:

<aa:zone name="bossTechnicalCompetitions">
<display:table name="workers"

                   <display:column property="projWorker" title=""
                    style="width: 10px" />
                   <display:column property="lastName"
                    title="Primer Apellido" />
                   <display:column property="surName"
                    title="Segundo Apellido" />
                   <display:column property="workerName"
                    title="Nombre(s)" />
                   <display:column property="lester" title="Detalles" />

                    <tr class="row_color">
                     <td style="width: 10px">
                     <td colspan="4" class="headerTable" align="center">

                      <DIV align="center" />
                        value="${sessionScope.projWorkerPaginator.pageIndexText}" />

Lalchandra Rampersaud
Carpe diem

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From: "Arunkumar Balasubramanian" <>
To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 6:41 PM
Subject: Display tag and AJAX

  Can we update the display:table with an ajax call? Here is what I was expecting to do.
 - There are different radio buttons (each will have different status of results) - Depending
on the selection, the display:table has to update the rows. - There display:table headers
dosen't change and the values inside the display:rable    changes based on the selections.
 I was trying to do the following.
 - Make an AJAX call when the user clicks on radio buttons, so that only the display:table
   gets refreshed and not the entire page. - Based on the selections, the display:table will
update the results.
 If someone was able to provide the reference for how to perform the above task it would be
 Thanks in advance.
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