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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject for review - split content type handler manager in REST plugin
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 07:57:52 GMT
Could someone with an interest in the REST plugin please glance at the 
changes I've committed for WW-2641

The change allows a different content-type in the request than the 
response.  This was added specifically to allow a x-www-form-urlencoded 
request with a response in a different content-type (eg. the common case 
of posting a form via XHR and receiving an application/json response).

A new ContentTypeHandler is added for x-www-form-urlencoded and the 
ContentTypeHandlerManager's functionality split to get a handler for the 
request and response separately.  The ContentTypeHandlerManager also 
allows handlers to be registered by mime-type and/or extension. I'm 
happy with it but want to ensure it doesn't conflict with other plans.  
I've kept in mind that in the future the manager may check the accepts 
header for the response content-type.

Jeromy Evans

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