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From Roberto Nunnari <>
Subject Re: validation and action names with slashes
Date Sat, 21 Jun 2008 23:25:34 GMT
Jeromy Evans wrote:
> Roberto Nunnari wrote:
>> Hi Jeromy!
>> The Convention plugin looks very interesting! Does it work
>> with 2.1.3-SNAPSHOT ? I'd like to give it a try this weekend.
>> What about mixing it with tiles?
>> Would it require specifying tiles results thus breaking
>> the convenience of conventions?
> It works with 2.1.3-SNAPSHOT but isn't distributed with it as it's still 
> in the sandbox.

WOW.. The convention plugin rocks! I like it!
I'm writing action classes and related jsps and struts finds the
right Action class and jsp without having to touch the struts.xml
I don't even have the struts.xml file!

This is a very confortable way of writing web applications.

> It works with Tiles, but you have to explicitly declare each 
> @Result(type=TilesResult.class,value="xxx") which I find really annoying 
> (as you say, it breaks the convenience of the convention).  I've been 
> intending to raise that over at struts-dev, which I'll do now.

Yes.. Please do. If it would support tiles, I'd start using
it right away, but like this, no way.

I don't like the idea of having to define result mappings in java
source code.. and to say it all.. I don't like annotations,
although I admit that at times annotations are very useful. :-)

Best regards.

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