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From Giovanni Azua <>
Subject Re: [OT] What slows you down?
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2008 15:31:14 GMT
In the context of Struts 2 and from my personal experience as a Struts 
framework (pure java-centric) user that does not do webapps development 
for a living I would have very much appreciated:

1-. A rather colorful set of Struts Blank applications where you could 
get out of the box:
   a) Several UI themes to choose from with professional look and feel 
=> no worries about graphic design etc (this alone takes away all 
efforts involving HTML, CSS, Velocity, Freemarker, and maybe some of the 
Javascript too)
   b) A selected and consistent setup of plugins and sensitive 
dependencies e.g. dojo, tiles or sitemesh, struts menu, displaytag 
(afaik many of
       us Struts users seem to use/need it) ...
   c) Couple of system level concerns implemented out of the box e.g. 
user management, authentication.
   d) A scalable design e.g. a generic CRUD mapping and best practices 
illustrated for implementing c)

2-. Struts 2 full-fledge implementation of the "Pet Store" tackling real 
life web application use-cases in addition to the showcase.
3-. Struts 2 IDE support e.g. wizards for generating #1

I have been recently trying to create a #1 for my company branch using 
AppFuse as starting point (btw managed to port it to S2.1.2), but it is 
a nightmare because here we don't use Spring, Hibernate etc and skinning 
out all that out of AppFuse along with their low level access to Servlet 
API, overall is becoming a daunting task.

Well, documentation was initially a big issue for me, because of S2 
being a relatively new framework. Now there are really good books in the 
market specially the "In Action" I can't put it down ... btw I still owe 
a review for it in amazon

... just my 2 Cuban pesos :)


Ted Husted wrote:
> Since it's friday, let me pose a question to the group ...
> Even with rock-solid frameworks like Apache Struts, it still seems
> like web application development takes longer than it should. Some
> frameworks, like Ruby on Rails, speak directly to "time to market"
> concerns and have been gathering many followers.
> But why does web application still seem so difficult or so
> time-consuming? Are there time bandits that still suck days or weeks
> out of your development schedule? Are there time gremlins that
> "nickel-and-dime" you every hour of every day? Is there anything more
> that frameworks like Apache Struts can do to help? Or are just there
> intractable problems with web development itself?
> Thoughts? :)
> -Ted.
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