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From Roberto Nunnari <>
Subject validation and action names with slashes
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2008 07:23:39 GMT

I'd like to use declarative Action-alias field validation for
several Actions/methods in my S2 webpapp.

S2 let's me do in struts.xml elegant things like:
<package name="admin" extends="tiles-default" namespace="/admin">
   <action name="*/*" method="{2}" class="mypkg.admin.{1}Action">
     .. my results..

and then use it in my jsps:
<s:url action="Category/create" namespace="/admin" id="newURL"/>

..but in order to add declarative validation, that would require
a file named:

but '/' is not a character allowed in filenames.

How to go with this dilemma? Should I drop the slashes in
action names and use more verbose and less flexible declarations
in struts.xml, or is there a better way?

Thank you!


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