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From "Jan Froehlich" <>
Subject Notify topics in struts2.1.2
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 09:32:37 GMT
I need a little hint how I can achieve the following...
Right now I got a page with a <sx:tree ...> where the user can browse
categories. When a node is clicked a <div id="documentList" ...> loads
another page with a listing of documents in that category. (Just like in
the showcase example but with a little more information in the div)
Every document(-link) should notify another topic that forces a third
<div id="documentContent" ..."> in the page to show the content of the
And thats where my problem occurs. In the document list I got the
following link for every document

<sx:a notifyTopics="documentSelected"><s:property value="Name" /></sx:a>

Where should I place the code? In the page where the tree and the divs
are, or in the page that is loaded after selecting a node?

    dojo.event.topic.subscribe("documentSelected", function
documentSelected(node) {

And maybe more important - I derived the subscribe code from the
nodeSelected example - is it correct that this function has also just
one parameter???

Any help apreciated!

Jan Froehlich

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