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From Hugo de Paix de Coeur <>
Subject Multiple Struts2 WAR in a single EAR
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2008 12:26:03 GMT

I'm currently trying to deploy two Struts2 enabled .war in a single
.ear on Glassfish.

My problem is : I've no isolation between the 2 projects at the action
dispatcher level.

Project A WAR struts.xml : 

<package name="projectA-support" namespace="/" extends="struts2-default">

	<action name="Index" class="com.web.projectA.Index">

Project B WAR struts.xml : 

<package name="projectB-support" namespace="/" extends="struts2-default">

	<action name="Index" class="com.web.projectB.Index">
	<action name="Login" class="com.web.projectB.Login">


1- I can call 'http://localhost:8080/ProjectA/Login.action' and this is the 'com.web.projectB.Login'
class that is executed (even if no Login action is specified in Project A) because they share
the namespace '/'.

2- If I call 'http://localhost:8080/ProjectA/Index.action', this is the 'com.web.projectB.Index'
class that is executed (last struts.xml to be parsed ?)

I've no clues to resolve this problem (the use of different namespaces doesn't resolve the
problem either)
Any idea ?


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