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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: Struts 2.1.2 action url fails (possible bug)
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 22:29:45 GMT
Struts Two wrote:
> I have deployed the two blank war files for struts 2.0.11 and struts 2.1.2. While struts
2.0.11 works perfectly fine, I have the following problem with struts 2.1.2.
> Whenever I type a url as follows:
> https://localhost:9445/struts2.1.2/example/HelloWorld.action
> I get "page not found" error. However, the following for struts 2.0.11 works:
> https://localhost:9445/struts2.0.11/example/HelloWorld.action
> but if I do the following:
> https://localhost:9445/struts2.1.2/index.html
> the url is redirected to https://localhost:9445/struts2.1.2/example/HelloWorld.action
 and I can see the page but if I open a new browser and copy and paste the url, it fails [page
not found]. Anyone has any idea why this is happening. I would like to mention that I have
security [form based] enabled for both application. As I said, the blank war file for struts
2.0.11 works fine and I have this issue with 2.1.2.
> I am running both apps in Websphere 6.1 with EJB3 feature pack.
> regards,

That seems strange, particularly as you say the redirect from index.html 
is working. Can you reproduce this on a different servlet container 
(e.g. Tomcat or Jetty)? What do you see in the logs for the 2.1.2 
version when you request HelloWorld.action vs. index.html? What if you 
up the log level to DEBUG?


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