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From Anet <>
Subject validation problem
Date Sun, 11 May 2008 05:57:01 GMT
Hi everybody;
  I have some tables on my page. each of them contains some of properties. for the first time,
tables are hidden and will be displayed by this javascript code:
  function toggle(id){
 var id = id;
 var table = document.getElementById(id);
 }else if (""){"none";
  and in my jsp page for example:
  <p><html:img page="/images/down_enabled.gif" onclick="toggle('userpass');"/></p>
  <table id="userpass" style="display:none" border="0">
           <td colspan="2" height="5">some property here</td>
  they will be shown by clicking on the image.(down_enabled.gif)
  The struts validation works on my form correctly.but I want when a property is in one of
these tables and the validator returns "false" on it, the table will be shown. I don't know
how to use result of validation? any idea?

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