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From Giovanni Azua <>
Subject Re: Page the waiting / Páginas de espera
Date Thu, 22 May 2008 16:36:15 GMT
hi Eduardo,

It would be useful that you posted the struts configuration and all 
relevant snippets. We won't otherwise understand the case you're describing.

Just a wild shot at what you explain sounds like you don't get your 
properties properly assigned to the Action  ... is that it? If it is the 
case then please make sure to have the action mapping including not only 
the execAndWait interceptor but also the default stack right before it e.g.

<action name="SimulationRun" 
    <interceptor-ref name="defaultStack"/>
    <interceptor-ref name="execAndWait">
       <param name="delay">1000</param>
        <param name="delaySleepInterval">1000</param>
   <result name="wait" type="tiles">webui.simulationWait</result>
   <result name="success" type="tiles">webui.simulationReport</result>
   <result name="input" type="tiles">${ type.equals('COVARIANT') ? 
'webui.formCovSimulation' : 'webui.formInvSimulation' }</result>
   <result name="error" type="tiles">webui.requestFailed</result>


Eduardo Solanas wrote:
> Hi Giovanni i have proved the executeAndWaitStack interceptor, and it
> works well(aiting page works ok) but in my method (in an Action) in
> wich i have to access with getText to a key in a properties file, and
> it doesn't work!!!! if i quit the interfeptor it works again, maybe a
> bug?
> thanks

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