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From Peter Theissen <>
Subject [Nb] Problem with fieldvalidator of type fieldexpression
Date Wed, 21 May 2008 14:03:55 GMT

I have a certain problem with the fieldvalidator of type
fieldexpression: It is not running at all!
Even if I try the simplest possible case it doesnt work
(I assume that 'false' is a valid OGNL expr):

<field name="">
  <field-validator type="fieldexpression">
    <param name="expression"><![CDATA[ false ]]></param>
      <message>This is only a test.</message>
What can be the reason for it? Im now googling and searching
for quite a long time and I do not have the slightest idea
what the cause might be! Is there any docs how to use the
OGNL Console, which is invoked by ?debug=console ?
Wasnt able to use it in the right way.

All other validators wotk perfectly, such as:

<field name="">
  <field-validator type="requiredstring">
    <message>You must enter your city.</message>


Any help appreciated

Best regards

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