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From Volker Karlmeier <>
Subject Re: How to pre-select a select list?
Date Sat, 10 May 2008 12:09:21 GMT
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are you using struts1 ? This looks something strange to me.

Just use
<s:select name="role"
~                        list="availableRoles"                             
~                        cssClass="input"/>       

If you have getter and setter vor role (getRole()/setRole()) in your 
action class,
struts will populate (and select the proper entry) for you.


hellriserchet schrieb:
| Hi everybody,
| I have a form for updating the user information in my application. 
This form
| is loaded when I click on an "update" link in my user information table.
| The update form includes: username, password, and email fields, 
followed by
| a drop-down list of available user groups that the user can be part of 
| list is dynamically generated from a table in DB). I easily 
pre-populate the
| text fields like this:
| <html:text property="name" name="editinguser"/>
| where "editinguser" is the name of the bean containing the user object
| information, stored in the session.
| My problem is that I don't know how to pre-select the related user 
group in
| the combo-box. At present my code is:
| <html:select property="groupid">
|   <html:options collection="allUserGroups" property="groupid"
| labelProperty="groupname" />
|   </html:select>
| where allUserGroups is the collection containing the group objects. 
Now how
| can I make the groupid of "editinguser" be selected in allUserGroups
| combo-box?
| TIA.

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