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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: OGNL
Date Fri, 09 May 2008 08:50:41 GMT
Jeromy Evans on 09/05/08 08:05, wrote:
> Adam Hardy wrote:
>> I initially shied away from doing that because I figured that later on 
>> in the show we might want to use Collection sub-class x, y or z.
>> However the alternatives were too time-consuming, so I have done just 
>> what you said.
>> I am now the proud owner of BidirectionalChildList() which takes the 
>> parent entity and the name of the property on the children in its 
>> constructor.
>> It's pretty restrictive - but I guess if other Collection sub-classes 
>> are needed, it's pretty quick to knock up another implementation.
>> Thanks
>> Adam
> I've lost track of what you're doing here.  Is it correct that you have 
> an interceptor or prepare method that's loading an Entity and then 
> you're using the ParametersInterceptor (via custom converters) to set 
> properties in a collection of that Entity?  Adding/removing entries in 
> the collection?  If so, how are you not interfering with the Collection 
> impl created by the persistence provider (eg. PersistentBag/PersistentSet)?

I mapped the entities with field access, so the getters and setters are 
irrelevant to JPA.

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