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From Jay Bose <>
Subject Re: Dojo and TabbedPanel in Internet Explorer 7
Date Fri, 30 May 2008 22:26:35 GMT
Owen, thanks for your response! 

I did some more tweaking based on your original comment, and got it working.

Specifically, I have some javascript files in a jsp fragment being loaded by sitemesh.
Long story short, I had to make sure they all existed in one fragment. Which is why the
forced refresh showed up well, but fragments IE thought it saw before did not load

--- Jay Bose <> wrote:

> Owen, I wish that was it, but the same thing happens over and over.
> In other words, if I simply request the page/action, I get the debug error statements.
> And if I immediately force a refresh, I get the desired page/response.
> What have you've done in the past to resolve this issue?
> --- Owen Berry <> wrote:
> > Does it work after that forced refresh? Maybe you had a previous
> > version of the page cached in the browser and it wasn't loading the
> > scripts correctly. I've had a hard time convincing IE and Opera to
> > relinquish it's cache in the past.


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