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From achandra <>
Subject Re: Struts 2.0 and RAD 7.0
Date Wed, 21 May 2008 15:06:34 GMT

Hi Guys,
  Thank you for such a prompt response. I am uploading two MS word document.
One contains the print screen that will show you where I have placed my
various files in RAD and other will show you the content of the files I am
using. I have tried various combinations in the struts.xml and
struts-validation.xml and hopefully using the right jar files. Please let me
know what am I doing wrong. I feel like I am just one step away and there is
something really small that I am missing or doing wrong.
Thank you

achandra wrote:
> I have been trying to working on RAD and Struts 2.0. I have tried every
> possible thing I could. The very first page works fine, but there after
> when I click the submit button it brings the URL back with the .action
> extension and throws an error that message couldn't be found. I am keeping
> it very simple. Just a hello world example. But it is still not working. I
> don't think Struts 2.0 should be that complex to adapt. It is very
> discouraging. I am using online tutorials to use package name, keep the
> jsp files in the folders etc. I am following guidelines from the
> tutorials, but it is simply not working. Can somebody help me and let me
> know what am I doing wrong?? I can show you the directory structure which
> I am using but seems like it is not even going to the action class.
> Although when I try to type the action class in struts.xml, it tells me if
> I am making a typo mistake in describing the action class in struts.xml
> file but when I run it and try writing a system.out or system.err in the
> action class or try to set a break point, it doesn't find it.. It is very
> disappointing. I don't want to go back to struts 1.3 but if it doesn't
> work then seems like I won't have any other choice.
> Thank you
> StrutsRADprob.doc StrutsRADprob1.doc 
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