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From "Relph,Brian" <>
Subject RE: Injecting Spring Services into Struts 2 Actions
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 14:15:26 GMT

The actions are auto-wired by name by default - so if any of its properties match bean-ids
in your spring config, and they have setters, then those properties will get set.

The part about declaring the dependencies means you disable the auto-wiring, and declare your
actions as spring beans. So, instead of this:

        <action name="index"

You would do this:

        <action name="index"

Along with additional spring config:

    <bean id="index-action-id"
        <property name="myDao" ref="myDao-id" />
        <property name="myMailSender" ref="myMailSender-id" />

Notice this does not actually disable auto-wiring (you would have to set the auto-wire attribute
in the spring config, either globally or per-bean), but it does declaratively state what to
set on the action as properties.

Brian Relph

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From: Asleson, Ryan [] 
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2008 8:29 AM
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Injecting Spring Services into Struts 2 Actions

I found this guide to injecting Spring beans into Struts 2 Actions:
According to the red box at the bottom of the document, the Struts 2 Action does not need
to be registered with Spring.  So far so good.
However, I'm a little unclear as to how exactly it "knows" what Spring beans to inject into
the Struts 2 Action.  Assuming I have a Struts 2 Action that depends on a PersonService, I
assume that the Struts 2 Action would have a public mutator for the PersonService like this:
public void setPersonService(PersonService service) {
    this.personService = service;
How does the injection system "know" that this method should be used for injecting a Spring
bean?  Imagine that the Struts 2 Action has several "set" methods, and that there are a number
of configured Spring beans.
It would take way too long for the injection system to look through every "set" method on
the Action and try to find a matching Spring bean, especially if there are a lot of Spring
beans (and there usually are).
The document above includes this comment:
We strongly recommend that you find declarative ways of letting Spring know what to provide
for your actions.
But it doesn't give an example of how to let Spring know what to provide to the actions.
So, the question is:  How do I tell Spring what beans need to be injected into the Action?

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