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From "Kropp, Henning" <>
Subject Re: [OT] What do you code today?
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2008 14:41:55 GMT
Wes Wannemacher schrieb:
> I've been quiet on this one, but since I finally had a breakthrough
> today, I feel like talking about it :)
> I started a pet project that I've been toying around in my head for a
> while. As a parent, I coach a few elementary and junior high sports. It
> is a volunteer thing, and if offered pay, I would refuse it (the schools
> need the money more than I do). The biggest complaint that parents have
> though is that they feel like we don't provide enough information, etc.
> Sometimes I want to tell the parents that complain to shove it :), but
> as a parent myself, I feel the same way about teachers, so I try to do a
> better job each season. Since I setup a wordpress/phpBB site a while
> back (which I haven't been too diligent about updating), I thought about
> doing something similar. Having dealt once with wordpress/phpBB, I have
> vowed to never do it again. 
> In an attempt to "eat-my-own-dog-food," I decided to do this all from
> scratch with s2 and friends. So, I'm creating a site that is centered
> around managing a team. The goal is to make a resource for parents and
> fans to discuss the teams and athletes. It will mostly be a knock-off of
> other blogs and forums, but it will provide some extra functionality for
> whichever sport is being managed. So, stats, pictures and videos can be
> uploaded. A schedule can be viewed (and managed by coaches). Coaches can
> blog about the various events (matches, tournaments, etc.). And, users
> can post in a forum (polls, regular forums). 
> The fun part - The site is struts 2.1.?-SNAPSHOT based using Maven,
> Spring, Hibernate (JPA), SiteMesh, Acegi, and Prototype/JQuery (haven't
> decided yet). I'm using the codebehind plugin and other than acegi, I've
> hardly written any configuration at all! It's wonderful. The
> breakthrough I had was that I've created something like 40 entities so
> far and just began work on s2 actions. I was crossing my fingers that my
> generic dao, codebehind and spring autowire would allow me to code by
> convention and that things would work properly. Imagine my surprise when
> I had my first action working in less than a few hours! When I'm done, I
> may yank the guts out and post an integrated blog/forum project to
> sourceforge as an example of s2/spring/sitemesh/jpa with hints of AJAX,
> but that's a ways out...
> -Wes
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Fans are the best coach. Did you know that!?

As I understand your project I it sounds close to what certain 
'low-level' European soccer clubs are doing to raise money for their 
club. For a little fee every fan owns part of the club and over the web 
they can decide over the formation, the training schedule and what else. 
In some case the coach has to do what the people say in other case he 
simply has to justify if not doing so.
The one soccer club I know of is Ebbsfleet 
( with their project MyFootballClub 

Just wanted to share this perspective.


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