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From mraible <>
Subject Re: How can I tell Struts 2 to throw/log exceptions for invalid OGNL Expressions
Date Sun, 13 Apr 2008 16:29:50 GMT

Jeromy Evans - Blue Sky Minds wrote:
> Jeromy Evans wrote:
>> mraible wrote:
>>> I tried FreeMarker this morning and discovered that the problem 
>>> exists there
>>> too. Grrr. I've experienced Struts 2 being eliminated as a web framework
>>> candidate on a couple projects because of this. Kindof annoying.
>> So what do you really want?  My guess here is that you invoked a 
>> struts tag and the tag swallowed the error and provided a default to 
>> the freemarker template.
> On further thought I think this comes down to an interesting issue with 
> coupling between the view and the model.
> In struts2 the model is a ValueStack that consists of both a stack and 
> map (context).  OGNL is used to address properties or methods in that 
> model and it's a trivial for OGNL to log when it fails to match a 
> property or method.
> In the view, Struts2 provides tags for jsp, ftl or velocity that 
> evaluate OGNL expressions to access the model.  More often that not the 
> tags fail silently if the expression was invalid or failed to evaluate 
> anything.  Herein lies the problem. 
> If I were using FTL directly to access the value stack, as a developer I 
> could decide how to handle missing properties, blank properties or 
> default values with FTL's excellent error handling.  However, when I use 
> FTL to invoke a Struts2 tag I lose that benefit as the tag 
> implementations *transfer* properties into the FTL context. I think its 
> a flaw that Struts2 tags evaluate OGNL expressions themselves prior to 
> rendering the template.. 
> A tag overhaul is well overdue (but major effort).  I've expressed other 
> concerns about the Struts2 tags (XWork Component and UIBean) on several 
> occasions already.

I realize it might be a major effort, but this seems to be a pretty big deal
to me. Not for users that've already chosen Struts 2 as a web framework, but
for folks evaluating Java Web Frameworks. The fact that Struts 2 is the
*only* one that doesn't blow up on invalid properties makes it look pretty
bad for evaluations. It's kindof like the old blank page you'd sometimes get
with Tiles - you really have no idea what you did wrong and it can take
quite some time to track it down if you don't know what's causing it.

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