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Subject Re: Clearing Action properties from ValueStack
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 15:59:07 GMT
default scope you are using is short lived so implement the scope your
action needs with a scope interceptor
and if you use a key param you will be able to access either Action
attribute via supplied 'key'
(provided you have setup the mutator and accessor in your Action classes)


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Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 8:12 AM
Subject: Clearing Action properties from ValueStack

> Hi Group,
> Can anyone tell me how long is the value of Action Property held on the
> ValueStack. I am asking this b'coz I am facing a problem:
> Background:
> My action has 4 members (and getter,setter for them). One of them is a
> with many properties. So my JSP has different fields for supplying values
> these properties (none of them is mandatory). Finally, I am printing the
> values of these properties when I submit the form to Action.
> *Actual Problem*:
> At the time of re-submitting the form with different set of propeties, the
> older property-values are still present. They show up in the sysouts. I
> also made sure to declare the members of the Action class using new
> and no-argument constructor, but that too didn't help for this POJO.
> Kindly help me out with this.
> <!-- Gentle Reminder: Still waiting for somebody to look at my previous
> post. -->

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