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From "Stanley, Eric" <>
Subject JSON plugin
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2008 20:30:55 GMT
I am trying to use dojo and the JSON plugin, but I have hit a snag. I am
using JSON to serialize: ArrayList<Project> projectList.
It seems to do this fine, as I can see the result in firebug. The
problem I am having is that the JSON response seems to be missing
something, and I cant figure out how to remedy this. 
This is the dojo example json:
{ "cobblers": [
       {"filling": "peach", "timeToBake": 30 },
       {"filling": "cherry", "timeToBake": 35 },
       {"filling": "blueberry", "timeToBake": 30}
This is how they parse it (abbreviated):
console.dir(responseObject.cobblers[0].filling);  // Prints "peach"
In my code I run "console.dir(responseObject);" and get this displayed
in firebug:
        "mos":"Create something.",
        "name":"Alarming page",
        "result":"Waiting on something",
        "loe":{"id":4,"name":"Extra Large"},
        "mos":"Rewrite stuff.",
        "name":"Rewrite that",
        "result":"I done did it....",
That seems okay to me. I hit the snag when I try something like this:
This is whats returned:
 responseObject.projectList has no properties
Im not sure how to address the response. Any ideas?

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