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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: Strtus 2.0.11 AJAX TabbedPanel with Remote tabs: How to load the result page in another tab
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2008 23:17:26 GMT
That means the form is not being submitted via ajax. The problem is not 
with the target, but rather the div that contains the form..
Make sure it was loaded with with separateSripts=false and 
executeScripts=true (and parseContent=true if in 2.1).

You can definitely have one tab inside another and and nest as far as 
you like, but it seems to be a common problem that the scripts are not 
executed or the markup is not parsed by dojo.

manisha5 wrote:
> Hi Jeromy,
> That did not work. It still posting as a new page. 
> One more thing is the tabbedPanel is already inside another tabbedpanel (2nd
> level nested).
> Will that cause this problem?
> thx
> Jeromy Evans - Blue Sky Minds wrote:
>> Put a div inside tab2 and make that inner div the target.
>> If you target the tab you're trying overwrite the markup for the tab 
>> widget.  By targeting a div inside the tab you can replace just the 
>> content of tab.
>> You may also prefer to make the inner div a remote div and the tab 
>> non-ajax because you get better control.
>> ie. in the jsp below, the target is a div inside the second tab
>> <s:tabbedPanel id="incorpContainer">
>>         <s:div theme="ajax" id="dInc1" label="Company" href="%{incUrl1}"
>> executeScripts="true"></s:div>
>>         <s:div id="dInc2" label="Employee">
>>           <s:div theme="ajax" id="theTarget" href="%{incUrl2}"
>> executeScripts="true"></div>
>>         </s:div>

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