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Subject Re: Roadmap and activity
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2008 11:36:52 GMT
I'll give you my opinion:

Yes, struts 2 development is active but the activity ebbs and flows with
the volunteers.  The "stall" in a release is due to a number of
compounding factors:
  - Struts 2.1 includes some major changes from 2.0.11. 2.0.11 is stable
and no *major* bugs are known to be affecting it right now.  The
desirable improvements are mainly going into 2.1
  - There are some issues complicating release of Struts 2.1, especially
the intention to factor out OGNL so other EL's can be used (JUEL) and
merging of several plugins into the Convention plugin.
  - Volunteers typically contribute in the areas affecting them most or in
areas that interest them and there's plenty of interesting bits to work
on. That means the boring bits get neglected.

You can monitor activity through the developers list.

 Jeromy Evans

> We are currently trialling Struts 2 as a replacement as the framework of
> choice in the place of Struts 1 and was wondering how 'active' is the
> development on the current framework?  I see that last year a new
> release came out every few months, but there has been nothing since
> September.
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