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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: struts request encoding to utf-8 problem
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 16:34:44 GMT
wessam wrote:
> i'm using struts 1.1, oracle 10g environment
> i'm facing a problem that i can't save special characters as "ẻ, €" from the
> page to database correctly though i used all the possible ways to set the
> encoding to utf-8
 > [...]
> the point is the the characters reaches the action class corectly but when i
> save to datbase an retrieve again it's viewed corrupted in the page 

You've partially narrowed down the problem, which is good; now you need 
to narrow it down the rest of the way:

- is the data written to the database correctly? (try verifying outside 
or Struts)

- is the data retrieved from the database correctly in your action?

In other words, you need to determine if the problem is with the save to 
  or restore from the database, or whether the problem is with 
displaying the data from Struts.

My guess would be that it's the save/retrieve, since you didn't mention 
anything you'd done to ensure communication with the database was 
preserving correct character encoding, in which case it would be outside 
the scope of Struts.


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