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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: regex validation problem
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2008 20:49:21 GMT
Hmm, sounds like the regex matching is stricter than I assumed. Try 
changing your rules from 'X' to '.*X.*' maybe, e.g. '.*[a-z]+.*'. Try 
commenting two of the regex validations and experimenting with the third 
until you're sure it's doing what you want, then bring the other two 
back and alter them to match.


supa charoenchit wrote:
> Hi, thanks for the response.  I removed the '^' and '$' characters and it still does
not pass validation when I enter a valid password.  It is a little wierd, when i enter only
lower case characters (or only uppercase characters or only numbers), the check works correctly
by saying I need to enter [A-Z] and [0-9]... but when I enter those characters, it says that
I need to enter all three character groups: [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9].> To:>
From:> Subject: Re: regex validation problem> Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008
18:38:55 -0500> > supa charoenchit wrote:> > Hello, I am having a problem validating
a password field.> > > > My requirement on my password is that it must be:>
> 8 characters minimum length and contain at least one from each of the following groups:
[a-z], [A-Z], and [0-9]. > > > > Here is what I have so far (which is not working):>
> > > [...]> > <field-validator type="regex"> > > <param name="expression">^[a-z]+$</param>>
> <message>[
a-z]</message> > > </field-validator> > > <field-validator type="regex">
> > <param name="expression">^[A-Z]+$</param>> > <message>[A-Z]</message>
> > </field-validator> > > <field-validator type="regex"> > >
<param name="expression">^[0-9]+$</param>> > <message>[0-9]</message>
> > </field-validator> > > > > When I attempt to submit my form with
correct data, it does not submit and states that I need a-z, A-Z, and 0-9. What is going on
here?> > Well, those regexs say a valid password must start and end with one or >
more lowercase letters, must also start and end with one or more > uppercase letters and
must also start and end with one or more digits. > That's obviously not possible.> >
If you remove the '^' and '$' characters from the expressions, you'll > just be testing
that the characters appear somewhere within the > password, which I think is what you meant..>
> L.> > > --------------------------------------------------------------------->
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