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From Sebastian Göttschkes <>
Subject AW: Re: Re: Re: Message resources configuration
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2008 16:50:49 GMT
Hi again,

I wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Laurie Harper wrote:
>> >> Sebastian Göttschkes wrote:
>> >> >> Laurie Harper wrote:
>> >> >> Sebastian Göttschkes wrote:
>> >> >>> [...]
>> >> >>>
>> >> >>> I defined the message resources in the struts-config.xml:
>> >> >>> <!-- ==== Message Resources Definitions ==== -->
>> >> >>> <message-resources parameter="com.equitystory.pms.resources.ApplicationResources"
>> >> >>>
>> >> >>> [...]
>> >> > 
>> >> > The strange thing is I didn't change anything except for the two empty
files I created. So I can say that the problem isn't hard-coded text in the application or
messages missing in one or the other resource. Maybe I got something wrong with the configuration?
Is there another file where I have to configurate something related to the message resources
except for the struts-config.xml I mentioned above?
>> >> 
>> >> 
>> >> Nope, that one configuration point is all there is. Check the properties

>> >> files are actually being deployed to the correct place, that there 
>> >> aren't stale copies elsewhere on the classpath or in any JAR files 
>> >> you've packaged, etc.
>> I checked everything you mentioned and there is no improvement.
>> >> 
>> >> Failing that, you might try increasing Struts' logging level to DEBUG 
>> >> and see if there are any hints as to what's going wrong in the logs.
>> After playing around a bit with my firefox and chaging the locale settings via locale
switcher to en-US it's working. I don't know why, but now it's also working in my english
>> I'm a bit confused why it's working now and why it didn't worked before. Maybe it's
because I deployed the whole app again after removing the whole context and building it again.
>> I'm going to test the app and if it's working now, I'm fine with that. If it's not
working properly, I'll get back to you.

Ok, after testing the app I now know more about the behavoirs of the app.

When the first browser launching the app after restarting the server is german, only german
works fine. When afterwards connecting with an english browser, the errors I expected at first
are all there.
But when I connect with the english browser first after restarting the server, everything
is just fine. I can change the browsers and both english and german are working. So what is

I'll have a deeper look at the debug log files from log4j tomorrow. Maybe anyone knows something
about this problem and can help me. I don't really know what is happening here and what I'm
trying to find in the logs ;-)

Thanks and Regards,

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