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From Giovanni Azua <>
Subject Response/Session pattern for this use-case?
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 15:52:13 GMT

I have the following use case:

- User provide some input and triggers a long-running simulation process.
- execAndWait interceptor is used while the process is in progress.
- Results are displayed in a report that includes many displaytag 
instances along with some charts.

Because some of the resultsets to display (displaytag instances in the 
same page) are relatively large I needed to put those along with some 
other information Simulation-specific into the Session so if the user 
navigates to a different page, displaytag will not trigger a full re-run 
of the lengthy simulation process Action.

So far so good. Now the problem is that the users want to run several 
simulations simultaneously so this solution does not work anymore. I 
thought about creating a MAX_SIMULATIONS_PER_SESSION and rotate some 
numeric X <= MAX_SIMULATIONS_PER_SESSION that would be appended to the 
session keys and that way the data will not clash in the Session but 
then coding the jsp page and handling the synchronization over the 
Session key state is sort of ugly.

Is there any easier pattern for this?



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