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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: Feedback: WW-2414, XSS attack is possible if using <s:url ...> and <s:a ...>
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2008 23:50:11 GMT
Antonio Petrelli wrote:
> 2008/1/13, Jeromy Evans <>:
>> I don't think this is a critical problem sheerly because the high
>> prevalence of such vulnerabilities means some of the responsibility
>> falls on the developer to not trust user-entered data..
> This is not the case: I think it is a bug, since the url in <s:url>
> should be *parsed* before, extracting the eventual querystring and its
> parameters.
Yes, I agree it's an issue.  I just don't think it's a "critical" 

Dave Newton wrote:
> Is this an IE-only thing?
> When I do this w/ FF or Safari I get an encoded parameter and it doesn't
> execute the JavaScript :/
Yes, it's specific to IE in that IE doesn't URLEncode all invalid URLs.  
However, it broadly applies to any user agent that allows an illegal URL 
to be submitted (which is what someone would use if trying to when 
trying out such an exploit).
> URL's mergeRequestParameters method calls UrlHelper's parseQueryString, which
> in turn calls Java's URLEncoder.encode; while I haven't spent a lot of time
> tracking execution I guess I thought this was the path taken for any GET
> parameters.
I agree.  I haven't dug into the code any further, but I think the 
specific issue is that s:url URLEncodes the supplied parameters (as 
you'd expected) but the base URL may already contain unencoded characters.

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