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From Mufaddal Khumri <>
Subject Question on Application, Session, Request Awareness best practices ...
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 03:57:40 GMT

Since struts2 actions are not shared amongst requests and if these  
actions are Aware of one of the scopes they essentially have a copy  
of that scope's parameters in a map. Lets say the application has  
about 15 attributes and the session has about 7 attributes.

Que1. When you add a new application attribute, does it automatically  
get added to all the present maps of that particular scope in all the  
instances of a particular action that are ApplicationAware?

Que2. What are the performance implications of having such a map on  
each application instance that requires access to a particular  
application scoped attribute and not all?

Que3. If an action needs just one application attribute, is it better  
to have an interceptor extract that from the application scope and  
set it on the action?

Que4. Is it better to implement the "Awareness" of one or more of the  
scope in an interceptor ? (Since interceptor instances are shared  
across requests) If yes, would this map of attributes from the  
particular scope get updated when a new attribute is added to that  
particular scope?


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