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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: REST and JSON
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2007 22:25:06 GMT
Adam Hardy wrote:
> I have a couple of questions on this subject too, if it's OK to join 
> in here:
> I was trying to find the low-down on 2.1 on the wiki or the jira, so i 
> could get an impression of what and how much is implemented. I 
> couldn't work out exactly what's what: there are 170 open jira against 
> 2.1.0 - 2.1.x versions - do these mostly have to be resolved before 
> 2.1 goes GA?
I believe it's only those assigned to 2.1.0.  The last thing Ted 
reported was a lot less than this - in the order of 30.  More 
importantly, the builds need to be tested
> Also, regarding PUT and DELETE not being supported in HTML4, is there 
> any proposal to get them recognised by HTML5?
Don't know
REST implementations work around this by convention. The REST plugin 
uses _method=PUT
> Another question: the REST URLs have no suffix and so make it 
> impossible to restrict the filter mappings to avoid images and other 
> objects which don't require processing:
REST implementations seem to allow you to specify a content type.  eg. 
1.html or 1; html
With the REST plugin if you get action1.xhtml you'll get the xhtml 
result but if you get action1.xml you'll get the xml result and 
action1.json you'll get the JSON result, etc.
No extension means get the default (html)
> unless 'orders' is put into the filter mapping in the web.xml. Would 
> it comply with REST to use a generic virtual directory:
All you're supposed to do is assign a unique URL to each resource, which 
is exactly you've done.

Other important aspects of the approach are:
 - you're binding the HTTP methods to certain operations (or in the case 
of the REST plugin, certain methods in your action).  eg. POST does not 
return a result
 - you're trying to maintain state only on the client (eg. you don't use 
a session)
It's not the best thing for every situation.

> for instance?
> Thanks
> Adam
> Frans Thamura on 19/12/07 05:48, wrote:
>> hi all
>> i am using JSON Plugins and RSS plugin in my S2Project
>> and we know there will be REST in S2 2.1
>> anyone can give me the glue
>> will S2 JSON Plugins retired and or part of RSS
>> and can give me the inptu also where will we implement JSON RPC in S2
>> will REST also have REST RPC?
>> Frans
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