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From Jeromy Evans <>
Subject Re: Dojo custom build and Struts ComboBox widget
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 23:02:37 GMT
Max Pimm wrote:
> I am trying to make a custom build of dojo for my application in order 
> to speed it up a bit.
> (See threads "[s2] Struts head tag KILLS (> 10s) page load time" and 
> "How to improve dojo performance in Struts 2.0.9")
> I have followed the instructions for doing this are carefully as 
> possible from 
> My custom build appears to have worked. dojo.js is generated with the 
> struts widgets "Internalized", each page i load makes minimal requests 
> for other dojo scripts and the basic bind functionality of dojo works.
> However the Struts:Combobox component used in my autocompleters does 
> not work. Some code is executed when i edit the field but it does not 
> result in a petition to the server y hence no autocomplete list is 
> shown. Dojo is configured in debug mode but gives no errors. The 
> struts folder containing the widgets is present in 
> <contextroot>/struts/dojo. Dojo correctly finds the dropdown image for 
> the input and uses the styles in ComboBox.css the only problem is that 
> it does not issue petitions to the server when the onKeyUp event fires.
> I am using the 2.011 build of struts, is the process for building a 
> custom dojo build the same as in 2.09? I can't find any changes in the 
> ComboBox between these versions but is there anything else that might 
> be causing these problems.
> Does anyone have any advice for how to start debugging this?
> Thanks,
> max
I'm not sure what is wrong, but the approach I'd take to debug it is:
  - Use firebug to see if the page is getting a 404 trying to load any 
of the resources required by dojo.  This is the most likely cause if it 
was working before you created the custom build
  - Replace your dojo.js file with the dojo.js-uncompressed.js file also 
created by the build process.  This one contains comments and debug 
info.  See if any errors are now displayed
  - Find the combobox code in dojo.js-uncompressed.js and use 
breakpoints in firebug to find out exactly what's happening.

Let me know how you go. 

 Jeormy Evans

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