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From Gary Affonso <>
Subject Re: How Many Methods Must an Action Walk Down (was Re: Annotation Validation, per method?)
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 23:05:26 GMT
Ted Husted wrote:
> On Nov 6, 2007 8:10 PM, Gary Affonso <> wrote:
>> For some reason folks new to s2 seem to get it backwards and want to
>> stuff a bunch of Action methods into a single Action class.
> It's probably because the standard S2/WW validation workflow implies
> that an Action class will have multiple methods that an application
> will invoke in the normal course.

How does it imply that?  Or do you mean "multiple methods" in the sense 
of prepare() and validate() in addition to execute().

I'm not suggesting those go away (I love those).  But those are not 
"custom" action methods, those are framework action methods.  So maybe I 
need to clarify...

When I say "one action class per action", that's what I mean.  I don't 
mean one action class, having only one action method, per action.  In 
other words, every unique url call into struts has a corresponding Action.

So I if I want to do the typical login stuff (which I no longer do 
thanks to Acegi :-), I have three urls and three actions and two views):




> Meanwhile, in Struts 1 there is a
> "DispatchAction" that does much the same thing. From other
> discussions, I gather that "multiple actions per controller" is
> considered a Good Thing on platforms like Ruby on Rails.

Curious.  I've only got my niche of experience with s2, I haven't used 
it in every conceivable situation.  But for what I do with it (fairly 
typical webapps) one-action-class-per-action has served me very well.

But I would love to hear reasons why I may be missing the boat, somehow. :-)

>>From a technical perspective, the two true pain points are "input" and
> "prepare". We need a natural way to obtain an input form that can also
> call a method that loads any rich controls the form may use.

I have limited experience using webwork/s2 with AJAX (I assume this is 
what you mean by "rich controls").  I've done a bit with integrating YUI 
controls with s2 Actions that deliver XML (instead of an HTML response). 
  The single-action-class-per-action idiom work well there, though.

> The
> standard S2 idiom for that is Preparable and "action!input". It's an
> elegant idiom, but the mechanism paves the way for other forms like
> "action!create", "action!read", "action!update", and "action!delete".

Curiously, action!input is not a part of the framework I'm familiar 
with.  Can you point me to some docs that describe it?

> It might be interesting to discuss some elegant, one-method purist
> alternatives that address input preparation without using method
> invocation.

Again, not one *method*.  That'd be crazy!  But one action *class* per 
action with that action class only implementing "framework" methods: 
execute, prepare, validate (if not using xml-validation), etc.

Sorry if I wasn't clear or am still not getting something.

- Gary

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